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The Official First Post!

Greetings, from your official mod, mousapelli!musesfool and I were having a discussion in which the phrase "abandon ship!" came up, and we decided that it would be a great name for a community where people got to talk about 'ships they've left behind or outgrown. So, here you are.

Here's the clever little blurb on the info page:

Fandoms: we love them, we spread them, we write them, and sometimes we leave them. It's a natural part of fandoms that some fandoms and 'ships get left behind in the pursuit of newer and shinier things.
Thus: abandon__ship.

Think of it like taking out that box of old books in the attic and going through them again, just for nostalgia. The show may be over, the characters may have married other people, but that can't stop us from having our last hurrah.

abandon__ship is a multi-fandom community intended to give people a place to post a last fic for a fandom or a ship they've left behind. You could write a one-shot, dig up an entertaining chunk of a WIP that you'll obviously never finish, or post a link to a fic that you still love even though you no longer participate in that fandom or ship.
Go ahead, remember why you loved those characters in the first place, and show us too while you're at it. Everyone is welcome to join in, and you don't have to be a member to post.

abandon__ship: Over and done, but not forgotten.
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