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Zoombinis - Nosebop!

Both of these were done when I was YOUNG OH SO YOUNG *winces*, so I hope I can attribute any badness to how long ago I did these. Before I even knew about fandoms... Wow, times were different then.

Title: Nosebop!
Fandom: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
Rating: TWS, baby. Totally Work Safe.
Pairings: Uh... A pair of OCs. It's kinda a given in this single-fic fandom (though, if anyone knows of any other Zoombinis fic, tell me!).
Summary: Chihe’s single eye smiled back.
Disclaimer: Setting not mine, species of characters not mine.
AN: I couldn't resist! These two zoombinis just kept ending up right next to each other, and they were so cute I had to write something about them. Absolutely cliche down to the ending, but they're zoombinis. It's forgivable, right?


Foiwe biked over to his friend, Chihe. Chihe’s one big eye in the middle of his head blinked, and he blushed. He looks cute like that. Foiwe thought. He’d been harboring feelings for his best friend for quite some time now. He only wished Chihe felt the same. “Hi…” he muttered. Foiwe made happy-eyes. “Hi Chihe. How’re you doing today?”

“Fine…” Chihe’s single green eye, colored to match his nose, turned down to the ground. He shuffled his feet a little, thinking. To Foiwe’s frustration, a thought bubble didn’t appear above his messy haired friend.

Their hair was pretty much the only thing the two had in common, at least physically. Chihe had a green nose, Foiwe had a blue nose. Chihe had one eye, Foiwe had two half-eyes. He had once been told he looked like he was flirting all the time.

“FoiweIthinkIlikeyou!” Chihe exclaimed suddenly, little blush growing. Foiwe looked confused. “Huh? Can you say that slower?”

“Ilikeyou!” He said, still fast. Foiwe blinked. Chihe took a deep breath. “Will you go out with me on Sunday?”

“What?” Foiwe whispered, hope rising. Chihe’s face fell. “Well… if you don’t want to I guess you don’t have to… but I really really like you and…” Foiwe silenced him with a short nosebop, the zoombini form of a kiss. Chihe blushed.

“I like you too.” Foiwe said, the corners of his eyes rising in a Zoombini smile. Chihe’s single eye smiled back. “Really?”

“Really.” He noseboped him again, then biked away, Chihe quickly following. If they had had hands, they would have been holding each other’s, but since they didn’t they just leaned close.

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

Title: Dismissal
Fandom: Just Ella
Rating: NWS (Not Work Safe) (what, I like the rating system). Non-con, general dungeon filth, Quog.
Pairings: Quog>Servant girl non-con.
Summary: The palace will not be accused of murder.
Disclaimer: Characters and setting not mine, but I forgot the author's name.
AN: So I was reading Just Ella for some reason one day, when I wanted to know what exactly happened to the maid who got “beaten to within and inch of her life and thrown out”. Never wrote in the JE fandom again.


My screams reverberate through the small dungeon, making me sound louder than I really am. Another cracking noise, and another blast of fire across my back.

I hate the princess. The horrible, snotty bitch who wants my job, the brat, and lets me get whipped when I give it to her. Even if it was by accident.

I cough up blood. The action hurts the lash wounds all the more, and Quog laughs stupidly. I haven’t the strength to glare.

Black spots dance before my eyes and I collapse, in too much pain to stay up. I lay in a pool of my own blood, as well as rat piss and many other things that I don’t want to think about. Another cracking whip across my back, but this time I barely cry out. I haven’t the strength. I can’t even feel it; the other lashes drown it out. I think I may finally be going numb.

The door creaks open just as Quog is about to hit me again. The icy voice of Madame Bisset hisses at him to stop. The palace will not be accused of murder. Smart monster. Execution is all well and good, but they know that I haven’t done anything worth that. The civilians will be furious.

I hate her. I hate her less than the princess, though—at least Madame Bisset may have had brains, had she been taught to use them.

Madame Bisset swishes out, silken skirts lifted above the filth on the floor. Quog grins stupidly.
“Take girl outside palace. Heh heh. No orders outside palace. Heh.” He lifts me up roughly, hairs on his arms aggravating my inflamed and bleeding skin. The black spots grow. The dreaded tunnel vision, like that right before a faint, is dancing before my eyes. I concentrate on that one spot of color at the end of the tunnel, not wanting to die just yet. I don’t know why. I don’t want to feel what Quog will do to me, so why don’t I just pass out?

Quog drops me unceremoniously on the ground in an alley outside the palace, right next to a garbage heap. My forehead hits the ground, and the pain in my back multiplies a hundredfold, diving throughout my body in hot, shuddering waves.

To my horror Quog drops his pants and flips me over, gravel digging into the slices on my back. Pinning me down by the shoulders, he drives into me.

I lie back and think of England, like the good little girl I am.

Oddly enough, both fics done before I fell into any fandom at all. *blinky blinky*
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